But Why?

Seven years ago, I began my first blog (yes, the internet was practically brand new and Instagram was barely even a thing).  I had followed my almost-fiance, Nick, to Kenya in hopes of adventure, love, and let’s face it, a ring.  That blog (now deleted from the internet, thank goodness) fed my need to externally process all the craziness around me.  But once we moved back to the United States, it felt finished.  A year later, I launched Sparkle & Stir, a food blog that taught me about photography and putting myself out there.  But after graduating grad school for counseling, it again felt like time to back away from oversharing on the internet.

That brings us to today, or rather, last night, when (in a wine-fueled state of confidence) my lovely neighbor convinced me that I should head back to my blogging roots.  I’m no longer counseling full-time, rather, I get to stay home and take care of my little girl and our new pup and teach barre part-time.  The city is bigger (but almost everywhere is bigger than Winston-Salem), my need for connection is greater (stay at home moms, you hear me?), and my opinions are abundant (as always).

So why start a new blog?  Probably to feed some millennial-driven need to share and be affirmed or to have another outlet for all my self-absorbed thoughts.  But hopefully, also, to connect in a real way.  Using pretty fonts and pictures.  Here we go- hope you like it!

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