Baby Shopping

I might let Carter Jane play with our junk mail.  And while I don’t usually pay attention to catalogs, she quite enjoys them.


Today’s catalog was Hanna Andersson. Which she loves, and so do I.

Just two of many Hanna outfits and many open mouthed smiles, just like her daddy.

Some of their patterns can be a bit much for us, but most of them are just so happy, they feel perfect for a happy 8 month old girl!  And I can’t stop with the overalls (and these).  There is just something about a tiny person in tiny overalls.  I’m so excited to see her toddling around in overalls like a miniature workman.  (Any other moms excited for walking, but not really enthused about crawling?  She is very close to crawling, but I’m so indifferent about it.  Maybe I’m just more excited about her actually needing to wear shoes!)

In her catalog, Carter Jane picked out some pretty cute outfits for summer, and they’re on sale!

There is a sweet bow in the back, and I love how easy diaper changes are with a dress and bloomers.  That’s the downside of the overalls: more complicated diaper changes.  But how breezy and cute are these, and only $25!  And in case you get Hannas home and don’t like them, even wash them and don’t like them, you can return anything at any time!  I love that freedom when buying clothes for a little one.

I don’t get anything for this post, but you can usually find Hannas on sale, which is how we buy them.  Happy baby shopping!

Photos of outfits from 

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