Buford Highway Date Night

Let’s be real.  Date nights with a small child do not happen as often as we’d like them to.  However, a few weeks ago, Nick and I made a concerted effort to get out of the house before bedtime (gasp!) to spend time alone! as grown-ups! with each other!


Loving him some Bo Bo’s. Me too judging by how I cut Nick’s forehead out of the picture but included every plate on the table.

And if you live in Atlanta, you NEED to know about the treasures on Buford Highway.  An ethnic mash-up of Asian and Hispanic countries, BuHi (let’s abrev everything!) has amazing food, fascinating grocery stores, and FOOT MASSAGE SPAS.  If you’re completely content with your neighborhood tex-mex and sushi, fine, I won’t try to persuade you to drive half an hour for more authentic food.  But I will wax poetically about the relaxation wonder that is Treat Your Feet.

Ahhhhhh.  I didn’t have an actual full body massage until I was out of college, and it was magical.  Duh.  But nothing, really nothing, compares to the deep, zen-like state of relaxation you can reach when someone is rubbing your feet and calves, then your head, neck and shoulders.  All while remaining fully clothed.  And only paying $30 for an HOUR of this!  Am I the only one who goes to a fancy massage and then stresses that I’m not enjoying it enough for the cost per minute??  TYF is so cheap that I can actually relax and sink into a state hovering just above sleep.  A state in which I cannot fathom opening my eyes or moving my hand to attend to an itch.  Too relaxed.  Fully body jelly.

So go to BuHi for the foot massages.  Then stay for the crazy good food.  This last time we ate Cantonese food at Bo Bo’s Asian Garden (get the roasted duck! and the dumpling trio appetizer! but skip the squid- nothing special there), then popped across the street to Sweet Hut Bakery for coffee and nutella buns (ok, not fully authentic to Korea, but delicious.  And more appealing to me than the taro root bun).  We’ve also loved Yet Tuh, a Korean restaurant that barely has English on the menu.  And I ate at 8 Degrees for rolled up Vietnamese ice cream frequently while pregnant.

But really, let’s all just get foot massages.  Because if we were all so relaxed, maybe we wouldn’t worry about Russia quite as much.

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