Let’s Talk About Deodorant

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Everyone’s favorite topic, no?

Let me first say, I’m am no organic earth mama.  I do buy organic things sometimes, and I enjoy living a life with fewer chemicals in my food, but I also love my house to be cleaned with bleach-based products (I’m not feeding it to the baby, just using it in my toilet!) and don’t always wash my vegetables before cooking (sorry not sorry).  But with all the back and forth about the aluminum in deodorant and breast cancer, I did start to notice my deodorant.  Notice as in, there was a funny residue after showering.  Now this is probably scientifically fine, but I thought, why not check into natural deodorants?

Apparently most of them do nothing.  Hey free flowing natural BO!  No thank you.  Then I found PiperWai.  It is a little creepy in that you have to scoop it out with your finger and rub it into your armpit.  That act is far more earth-mama-y than I would ever normally go.  But guess what?  I’ve gotten used to it!  (And they are about to come out with a stick version- hallelujah!)


After I work out, I do need to reapply or I will start to smell.  Same goes for showering.  But in my mind, I’d rather need to reapply after showering or working out than have a deodorant that is impervious to soap and water!  Don’t worry though, I’m no Matthew McConaughey thinking my sweat stink is something to be embraced.  Except on those nights when Nick is out of town.  Then I’m all face mask on, deodorant worn off, popcorn and wine for dinner.  But I digress.fullsizeoutput_be6

It does cost more than my old deodorant, but doesn’t everything organic?  (Insert men everywhere saying, “So we’re paying more for something to work not as well?” Yes, honey. Embrace it.) And it has a nice, lightly minty smell.

I know the scientific jury is still out on whether aluminum in deodorant is ok or not, but there’s something about this natural switch that I’m enjoying.

Would you ever try a natural deodorant?

One thought on “Let’s Talk About Deodorant

  1. Yes! I use one and have since my mother-in-law encouraged me to switch during her fight with breast cancer. Putting chemicals like parabens, endocrine distributors, and aluminum on your sweat glands and lymph nodes can’t be good. I like primal pit paste and native. I need to try this one next. It took awhile for my body to acclimate, and I was more smelly at first. I agree that natural ones do not work as well as the ones laden with chemicals but the peace of mind is so worth it.

    Love your blog, Jane!


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