KR Steakbar

If there is one thing I love, it’s a fabulous restaurant experience.  Nick and I love to try new restaurants, order weird and delicious dishes and, of course, critique the whole experience.  But really, I’d eat out at Chipotle if it meant I could get out of the house, not plan dinner, and have no dishes!  And have you had a Chipotle margarita?!  Surprisingly good.  But back to this dinner.

My mom was in town a few weeks ago, and Nick and I took full advantage of her presence in the house while Carter Jane slept to go on dates!  One of our favorite spots pre-baby was KR Steakbar, an Italian steakhouse.  The atmosphere is very romantic, dim lighting, cozy booths, and Sinatra-style music.  And the menu covers all my favorites: mussels, octopus, homemade pasta, amazing chicken or steak, brussels sprouts, and wine.

Let’s talk about wine at a restaurant for a minute.  I’m a red wine girl all the way (unless it’s a rose kind of night, which there are increasing many of), and I like a bold, earthy wine.  But ordering a glass off of a restaurant wine menu (or book, ugh) is stressful and usually only mildly successful.  Sometimes I’m happy, but sometimes it tastes like its been open since last Thursday.  And I’m paying as much for one glass as I would pay for a whole bottle at Trader Joes!  Or a reputable wine store…  That’s where I’m really impressed with KR.  I’ve never had an “off” or unsatisfying wine. Plus they do the “quartino,” which is a glass and a half (or the size you’d pour yourself at home).

Our next obsession at KR is the chicken.  Normally I avoid chicken on a menu because, duh, I can make that at home, no problem.  But KR debones half a chicken, flattens it out, roasts it (or something to make the skin so crispy) and places it in a puddle of Calabrian pepper sauce.  Part of me wants to figure out how to recreate that sauce, but then I love to look forward to someone else preparing food I have no idea how to make or where to get the ingredients (hello, sushi!).

I’ve honestly never had anything bad on the menu, and it makes such a fun date night.  So do yourself a favor and head to this cozy, hidden gem of a restaurant.

KR Steakbar
Type: Italian Steakhouse
Price $$$ (Entrees range drastically, but approximate $50-60 a person with drinks)
Ambiance: Romantic, dim, and cozy
Service: Excellent, very attentive and helpful

This post is not sponsored.

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