All About Eyelash Extensions

Guys, I’m obsessed with eyelashes.  As in, I have very light, unremarkable eyelashes that when left to their own devices, blend into my face and make my eyes disappear.  So I am constantly on the prowl for the best mascara, the best way to line my eyes, and how to create the illusion that I have long, luxurious eyelashes.  Unless you are in my home before 9am (aka Carter Jane’s first nap), you will not see me without mascara.  Also, why are you in my home before 9am?  Get out- our coffee is not that great and I probably haven’t put on deodorant!

Mascara alone will be it’s own post, but today, I want to cover eyelash extensions!  I started getting eyelash extensions last May, when I was 8 months pregnant.  I had always wanted to do it, but was intimidated by a) the cost b) the time and c) the unknown.  I am not made of money (what?! I know, I’m working on my money tree), so I did not go to the fancy, local, $200 a session lash salon.  I went to Amazing Lash, and it’s a chain, so you probably have one.  It’s basically the Massage Envy of eyelash extensions.  You get a discounted first time ($79, I believe) and then they charge you once a month for the equivalent of a set of refills ($59). So while $79 is still a chunk of change, it’s nothing in comparison to what it could be (I promise, Nick).

The first time you go, it will take 2 hours.  Prepare yourself, fidgeters.  Being super pregnant, I feel asleep for about 75% of the time.  And I snored.  Yikes.  Even napping, it still felt like a long time, because your eyes are taped shut and you can’t move.  They are very insistent that you go to the bathroom beforehand.  Especially if you are super pregnant.  With good reason.  But when you awake and wipe the drool off of your chin, you have long, thick, glamorous lashes!  Amazing Lash has different “looks” and lengths for their lashes.  I went with cute/natural (because when asked to pick just one thing, I always pick two things) and medium long length.  They were a bit long.  I loved them, but they hit my sunglasses when I blinked and I got a lot of inquiries from strangers.  In fact, Nick had to make a brief stop in the ER (he is, and was, fine- don’t worry!), and the nurse taking his blood looked up at me (and away from the needle she was wielding) to ask “are those your real lashes??” Nick was very happy about this exchange.

I loved them.  After the first time, I opted for medium-short lashes, and they were like what I should have been born with.  Long, full, dark, and beautiful.  It was so so nice to have them while a) in labor/recovery, because I didn’t look completely and utterly horrifying in pictures, just low-grade scary and b) while having a tiny, needy baby who took away my ability to function and made me cry a lot (no mascara was up to that challenge).  I also just loved waking up and not recoiling from my reflection in the mirror.

So why would I stop?  Time and money.  I could not justify paying a babysitter to be with Carter Jane while I paid someone else to give me lashes every three weeks.  Scheduling in advance is also tricky with nursing a small baby.  And really, after six months of paying that every month, I started to feel guilty and silly.  They lifted my spirits and self-confidence while being a giant pregnant woman and crazed new mother, but for now, I’m back to mascara, and lots of it.

But yes, you should definitely get them.

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