My Favorite Calming TV Show

Do you ever find a TV show that is as calming as it is entertaining?  I found one!


It’s The Great British Baking Show.

After long days of wearing out my patience, I love to watch sweet British amateur bakers nervously create very British desserts.  They can stress about whether or not their enriched dough has proofed long enough or whether their english muffin is the right size, and none of it affects me!  Also, nothing they bake looks delicious to me (no offense British desserts, but too much custard, not enough chocolate) so they never make me hungry like Top Chef and Chef’s Table do.

Not tempting.  Why is it shiny and full of pink goop?

And they’re just so earnest!  I’m happy for whoever wins Star Baker (because they always, always seem shocked), but even when they try to make it suspenseful, it never bothers me when someone is eliminated.  Sorry, bakers.

Such a civilized judges table.

Check Netflix or PBS for seasons and have a lovely, calm weekend!

All photos from BBC/PBS.

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