What is Your Favorite Mascara?

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We already know that I have a thing about eyelashes.  But since I stopped getting eyelash extensions, I’ve gone back to the great search for the best mascara.  With the mascara, you should also know that I’ve been using this eyelash conditioner to make my eyelashes grow longer.  And yes- it actually works!

A few years ago, I switched from using drug store mascara to higher end mascara.  I am a marketer’s dream, and I can be totally convinced that a mascara will lift, lengthen, stay on all day, do my taxes, etc.  So Sephora became a dangerous place for me.  Last week, though, I was in a drugstore and thought- hey, I’ve heard good things about this Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara, I’ll give it a try!  NOPE.  Y’all.  It stayed on for about 2 hours and then my eyes looked naked again.  And I’m not an eye rubber or anything!

So back to my fancy mascara I go (feeling totally justified!).  And because I’ve tried so many, I figured I’d give you my top three “fancy” mascaras.  First off, what I like in a mascara is: one that gives decent length and volume, holds a curl from my eyelash curler, stays on all day without tracking down my face, but then comes off without heavy duty rubbing or the complete necessity of eye make up remover (because I’m too tired at night to deal with that).

The Heavy Duty: Benefit They’re Real
This is the mascara that will stay on ALL day, and give you great length and volume and hold.  However, you do have to use eye make up remover to get it off at night.  I went on a trip without the remover and basically had mascara build up for days.  I also love the silicone brush and the end with little grippies that get the mascara everywhere.


Stand-by Favorite: Mac In Extreme Dimension
I also really enjoy this silicone brush and how the mascara goes on.  It stays most of the day and holds well.  But be careful not to buy the 3D Lash version unless you are ok with using make up remover every night.  Honestly, the only reason I stopped using this mascara was because a salesgirl sold me the wrong one, and I was mad I couldn’t just wash it off at night.  Apparently I hold a grudge…


Current Absolute Favorite: 100% Pure Lengthening Mascara in Black Tea
I went on a search for a more natural mascara after taking off the extensions and landed on this one.  This brush isn’t my favorite, but everything else is!  It is a great lengthener, can give good volume as you keep swiping on, and it stays on until I wash my face.  I have to rub a little (I’m sure that’s terrible for your eyes, but sorry, tired mom here) and I can get the mascara off without the make up remover step!  Plus the color comes from black tea, cocoa, and berry, which you can smell in the bottle.  And the company plants a tree for every product sold, so I can totally justify spending $25 on mascara.  I’ve also heard that people with very sensitive eyes have a much easier time using 100% pure because it doesn’t have many of the chemicals of regular mascara.
Mascaras to stay away from:
Not all mascara is created equal.  Some is bad or just very lackluster.  So steer clear of these guys: Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara, Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara, and Lancome Hypnose.

Do you have a favorite mascara?  What should I try next?

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