Rosé All Day

Sometimes you have the good fortune to have a fabulous neighbor/friend/blogger/wine drinking buddy who invites you to a Rosé event.  And always, you say yes to that invite.

My lovely friend, Tierney, of Fashion to a T, brought me to the Whispering Angel Rosé event last week, which was celebrating 10 years of Rosé All Day, a cause I can definitely get behind.  Held at the Regent Cocktail Club, the rooftop bar above American Cut, we were pretty excited to use the outdoor rooftop space, until the wind kicked up to 20 mph, froze us, then threatened to blow us off the rooftop.

Things I learned about Whispering Angel:

  1. It has no added sugar (like most of the wines imported from France to the US), which means no headache in the morning!
  2. They make Whispering Angel in magnums (which Tierney rescued an empty one of to use as a vase!) and in a size larger than a magnum!  It had a cool name that I can’t remember, but apparently people often just call it a double magnum.
  3. It is delicious, and I would be happy to drink it anytime.

Tierney, I will accompany you anywhere.  Especially if we get Shake Shack on the way home…


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