Baby Feeding Essentials

There’s nothing more exciting, frustrating, and messy than trying to teach a baby to eat real food.  It’s so sweet to watch their faces as they figure out new tastes and develop favorite foods.  And while what you need for that might seem simple, there are some products that have saved our lives when it comes to feeding.

I started giving Carter Jane baby food between 4-5 months (following our pediatrician’s recommendation) going easy with baby cereal and pears.  She was not into the cereal.  The pears she liked better, but for a long time, she would just eat a teaspoon at a time.  At this age, they are just getting used to eating from a spoon and having a new texture that isn’t milk.  During that period, the bumbo with a tray was excellent.  She wasn’t sitting up on her own fully yet, so the bumbo held her upright and comfy!

And as much as I love the cute embroidered bibs, there are only two kinds we use now: Baby Bjorn bibs and Ikea bibs. You can fasten the baby bjorn with just one hand (since I only ever do things one-handed now), and it has the all important trough.  The trough is the area that catches everything that would otherwise end up in her lap.  Though the gross part is that Carter Jane has started searching through the trough (filled with milk and food) to pick out bits she wants to re-gum.  The Ikea bibs are basically the baby bjorn but for on-the-go.  It wipes clean and also has a trough.

Now highchairs.  There are some beautiful, luxury highchairs out there that looks comfy and supportive.  We do not have that high chair.  We have the $20 Ikea highchair, and it is clutch.  Super simple and small, easy to wipe down, and light enough to move around quickly (in our tiny dining room).  Learning to eat is messy business, and I think I might stress about her destroying a luxury highchair.


Finally, cups.  I am a big fan of the take and toss sippy cups and cups with a straw.  They use some sort of water physics to not spill- even the cups with a straw- and they’re super simple and cheap (4 for $1.50!).

Those are our basic baby feeding necessities- the actual food itself is a whole other post in itself!  Do you have any other baby feeding favorites?

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