FREE Pink Barre

As I’ve mentioned I (very occasionally since the baby) teach barre, and LOVE it.  I started taking barre in Nashville back in 2014, after being a runner since high school, and I was hooked.  Where running always toned and strengthened my quads and burned calories, barre has toned and strengthened my whole body: legs, arms, core and booty!  And by toned, I mean lengthen and slimmed while completely strengthening.  Barre uses very light weights and body weight with small, controlled movements to work every muscle group to exhaustion.  So it’s completely safe and really good for your joints, muscles, and whole body strength!


If you’ve been afraid of trying barre because you’re not a ballerina, please don’t be!  You don’t need to know a single thing about ballet or dance to be able to do barre, you just have to listen to directions and follow along!  Pink Barre specifically was created by an amazing woman (and my friend), Tara Joiner.  Tara was a physical therapist and avid exerciser, so the class reflects both her knowledge of the body and her energy!  Pink Barre has three locations inside the perimeter of Atlanta, and they are all amazing.

And if you’re in Atlanta and want to try barre (and you so should!!) I have two fun opportunities for you!  First, THIS Thursday (April 20), Pink Barre is joining with the W Buckhead for FIT Barre by the rooftop pool of the W.  It goes from 6:30-7:30, and you can reserve your spot here (and it’s free!).  It’s a cool way to preview barre in a gorgeous location.

Second, if you’ve never tried Pink Barre, I want you to try a free class!  Use the promo code JANE to sign up for a free class at any of the three Atlanta locations.  I promise, you’ll be hooked!

Have you ever tried barre?? Would you consider it?

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