New Hair!

Everyone loves a before and after, right?  Well I do, at least.  I also have this thing about my hair: I love change.  I’ve cut 12 inches off my hair, twice.  I’ve had a bob, a lob, mid-back length hair, straight, wavy, curly, blunt cut bangs, side swept bangs, basically everything I could think of besides color.  I haven’t colored my hair in my whole life (well except for that one time in college that I thought it’d be super cool to have a bleached streak tucked in the middle of my hair.  yeah.), but I have always wanted to try balayage.  Back in November, I had my first round of very slight balayage.

Before Hair (grown out balayage and bad shadows, yikes)

For those of you who don’t know, balayage is a type of highlights that are supposed to look like you’ve spent a lot of time in the sun.  Google Giselle.  But even better, balayage doesn’t start at your roots, so you don’t have to get color every 6 weeks.  More like every 4 months, which my wallet can handle much better.  Well, a couple of months ago, I was getting my nails done and a girl sat down next to me with great hair.  She mentioned she had just had it colored and cut, so we got to talking.  It turns out that she is on TV, lives in LA, and still tries to come back to Atlanta just to have Alexandra color her hair and Sal cut it.  So of course, I had to try them out!

Alexandra and her business partner, Raena, own Coleman Alexander Salon, both specialize in color, and they are gifted at what they do.  Sal does most of the cuts and he sends you out looking fabulous.


That is me!  (With wind blowing my shirt. Promise.  No surprise pregnancy announcements.)  No filter on the color- it’s so good!


Here’s with indoor lighting.  Besides being amazing at what they do, Alexandra and Sal are super fun and laid back.  They will also give you Rosé while you get your hair done, which basically makes it vacation.

Since I’ve had it done, I’ve had multiple compliments, which is awesome, since I’ve mostly been wearing workout clothes and been slightly sweaty.  So having redeeming hair is the best.

Would you try balayage?

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