The Magic Baby Soother

This post contains an affiliate link.  But it can be life saving.

Chances are that if you’ve had a baby in your life, you’ve spent time bouncing her.  Nick always asked me, “why does she like to be bounced to sleep?  I could never fall asleep that way!”  For whatever reason, babies love a good bounce.  And Carter Jane was our bouncing dictator.  She has been…. opinionated… since birth, and she could always be quieted down with bouncing.  But all that jumping around is SO tiring.  On top of the fact that you barely slept last night and really don’t need to expend all that precious energy swaying and bouncing.

Enter: the exercise ball.  Yes, for real!  I bought this for labor, and while it was nice to sit on at the end of pregnancy, I didn’t use it during actual labor.  But since she was born, I have probably logged hundreds of hours bouncing Carter Jane on the exercise ball.  It’s so much easier to sit and bounce her than stand and bounce.  She had a few weeks of very fussing eating, and I would even feed her on the ball.

You probably think I’m crazy, and that’s ok.  Multiple friends have brought their babies over and when I roll out the ball, they kind of smile at me and sit just to appease me.  But then, magic!!  Babies will eat better, fall asleep faster, and get up to fold the laundry after being bounced!  Well two out of three of those at least.  In fact, both of Carter Jane’s sets of grandparents brought out their exercise balls for her visits.  We’ve slowly weaned off all the bouncing, but if she is having an especially rough day, I’ll pull it out again and bounce.  It still calms her down better than anything else!

Would you ever try it?  Make sure to get it tall enough- we have the 75cm ball, and it’s perfect!

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