Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother’s Day is less than three weeks away!  And in our house, it begins the three months of celebrating.  We have: mother’s day, Nick’s birthday, my birthday, father’s day, Carter Jane’s birthday, and our anniversary all within a 2.5 month timeframe!  Cue Nick’s stress about gift-buying…

So I thought I’d help out all you children… I mean, all you dads… I mean, all you moms who want to subtly leave this page out for your children and husbands to see.  Here are some gifts I know I would be happy to receive!


Lake Pajamas
Super soft and cozy pajamas for mom, because if she is anything like me, the pajamas go on by 9pm and don’t come off again until… 9am.  Spending half your life in pajamas means they should be better than an old t-shirt and holey shorts!


Name Rings by Amolia
What a sweet way to have your little one’s name with you!  They are cute and subtle and would be perfect for stacking.  I bet you could even get your husband’s name in the stack, too!


Name Bar Necklace
Another cute way to keep your little one’s name close to your heart!  If you’re more of a necklace girl, this is a beautiful option!



Pom-pom Clutch
If you have littles, you’re probably carrying a diaper bag derivative most of your days.  It’s always fun to have a cute non-mommy bag to use when you go out for date night or with your girlfriends!  This pom-pom bag just says summer, margaritas, wedges, and white jeans to me.

And of course, pedicures, facials, massages, and just getting to sleep in are always perfect gifts.  What’s on your mother’s day list??



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