5 Trader Joe’s Cheeses Not to Miss

We all love cheese, yes?  Even the lactose intolerant (which I used to be!) pull out their lactaid when a cheese platter shows up.  And while I love to visit the Whole Foods cheese corner, I’m not always thrilled about spending $60 on just a few cheeses.  Enter: Trader Joe’s, the cheap woman’s Whole Foods.

For a while, Nick and I were having a cheese, meat, and fruit board about once a week for dinner, and it was fantastic.  Not great for the post-baby waistline, but delicious!  In those couple months, we found our tried and true favorite Trader Joe’s cheeses.  One note before we start: I think TJ’s can sell these at their prices because they are at the, ahem, end of their life cycle.  That’s not gross!  It just means you shouldn’t stock up on cheese thinking it will last a couple weeks.  It’s best to eat it within the week you buy it.  Now that I’ve lost all the germaphobes… my top 5 Trader Joe’s Cheese!  In no particular order…

IMG_1444Double Cream Gouda
This is a great cheese to begin with if you’re just entering the fancy cheese world.  It is creamy (duh), not an overwhelming flavor, and very tasty with apples or cured meats.

fullsizeoutput_dbbGoat’s Milk Gouda
Less creamy than the double cream, this cheese is slightly harder, with more of the grassy notes that come with goat cheese.  Also not overwhelmingly flavored, but I like to have a variety of animal’s cheeses on a cheese plate, and this is a tasty hard goat cheese.

My old stand-by and favorite hard cheese. Mild, creamy, nutty, with a hint of caramel, I usually have to pay much more for this cheese at Whole Foods or other fine cheese purveyors.  A great one to put out and feel fancy and cheese-knowledgeable.

fullsizeoutput_dbdLe Delice de Bourgogne
Creamy cheese time!  It’s always good to have a variety of hard and soft cheese for your cheese plate, and I love a creamy brie-style cheese.  This one isn’t stinky, but very creamy and very rich.  I love creamy cheese on a apple or spread on a piece of baguette with some jam.

fullsizeoutput_dbeChèvre with Honey
Lastly, the creamy goat cheese.  Also delicious crumbled over a salad, this goat cheese has the slight sweetness from the added honey that makes it a lovely complement to a spicy salami or to eat with something hot.  Nick also likes to spread some chèvre on a cracker then drag it through more honey before eating.

What’s your favorite cheese?  Would you try some Trader Joe’s cheesiness?

2 thoughts on “5 Trader Joe’s Cheeses Not to Miss

  1. On the Delice de Bourgogne… it’s the closest thing I’ve found to my very favorite all-time cheese, Explorateur, which is impossible to find. It’s kinda half creamy Brie and half blue flavors. It’s also half the price at TJ as it is at WF.


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