My Sweet 10 Month Old Girl

We’re into double digit months!

Remember when turning 10 was so cool because you were in double digits?  And maybe soon your mom would let you get your ears pierced?! Well, we’re not piercing any ears over here, but we do have a double digit months baby girl.

In the last month or so, Carter Jane has gotten SO fun.  She’s very mobile, crawling and now trying to walk everywhere.  She randomly finds things super funny: when I lean down to eye level with her while she’s riding in the shopping cart, when she lets out a big fart, and when Teddy tries to take back his toys from her hands.  She giggles when Teddy and I go to get her out of her crib and he sticks his nose in between the slats to kiss her.

She still loves her music from music class and will “dance” by bouncing or waving her arms in the air.  She inhales blueberries and would probably eat pounds of them every week if I bought that many and let her.  Lately, she’s taken to propping one foot up on her tray or on the table while she eats, so that she can recline.  And she’s saying dadadadadada all day long.  Consequently, we talk about daddy a lot.

I’m so thankful to have a husband who is excited for me to stay home with Carter Jane (even though the mom-life balance is hard and ever changing), and who is a fantastic photographer.

Side note: any other moms blessed by those tiny hairs that grow right on your hairline and curl?!  When I work out, get hot, step into humidity, or breathe they slide down onto my forehead and make delightful curly shapes.  I can’t figure out how to get rid of them, and only notice them in pictures or when I stop and look in the mirror and realize I’ve been sporting tendrils all day.  Yikes.

Love you, darling girl.

One thought on “My Sweet 10 Month Old Girl

  1. Aww, what a cutie!! My youngest turned 10m last week, I adore this age! 😍
    And lol, I have those hairs, too. Not sure why but I actually like them! 😃


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