Favorite Old Navy Finds

Do you ever shop at Old Navy?  I distinctly remember being super excited to get my new Old Navy flip flops as a 10 year old, or geeking out about some performance fleece back in the day.  But lately, I’ve been loving their baby clothes!  And occasionally sneaking in something cute for myself…

Green Bubble
Gold flower dress
Elephant Bubble
Flower Sleeper
Pink sparkle top and bottom

Carter Jane actually owns all of these, and I love them.  They’re all cool cotton, allow for serious crawling and are soooo cute!  I mean, the elephants?  Die.  And let’s talk about sleepers for a second.  After having multiple formats of sleepers (zip-ups, snaps, footies, no footies, etc), this is the perfect one: no footies (so they can wear them even after they grow a little bit and walk without slipping), zip up, long sleeve.  And the sweet floral pattern doesn’t hurt either 🙂

And since everything is usually 40% off, why not sneak a little something into the cart for yourself?

Black Jersey Swing Dress
Green Leaf Crew Tee Neck Dress
Tie Die High Neck Swing Dress

I basically wear work out clothes or dresses, so I love to add a few to the stash when I can.  And since it’s all such a deal, if I get pooped on (at an Indian restaurant while wearing the black dress), I don’t freak out!  It just gets thrown in the wash, and we all recover.

Have you shopped at Old Navy lately?  Would you?

None of this is sponsored, I just really like Old Navy right now.

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