My Four Favorite Trader Joe’s Wines

Obviously I have an obsession with Trader Joe’s.  There was the 30 minute Trader Joe’s dinner, then the Trader Joe’s cheese not to miss, today wine, and later, everything else I’m obsessed with there.  Sorry if this gets repetitive, but I love a good list of someone’s favorites, so here’s mine!

If you’re being high brow and looking for unique, small batch wines, Trader Joe’s is obviously not the place to go.  However, if you find a good wine at TJ’s, it’s very dependable and very affordable.  All of these wines are $10.99 or less (in the state of Georgia), and I’ve been very happy with all of them.  But there are some really bad wines at Trader Joe’s.  Blech, you can get some vinegary or too sweet or nothing tasting guys, but it’s so easy to be lured by the cheap price.  So I did the sorting for you, and these are the wines to get.


A very rich, smooth Cabernet Sauvignon, this wine is inky dark red and delicious.  Nick and I love Cabs, and for $11, this is fantastic.


I don’t know why Cabs have to have uber-intense names.  Ravage and Carnivor?  We get the point, these wines are not for the faint of heart.  This is another delicious California Cab, slightly less inky dark, but still rich and smooth.


Trentatre Rosso
This is a lighter, Italian red that goes with pretty much anything.  I don’t like to much acid or citrus, so this is slightly more fruity.  It’s a delightful blend.
(Sorry for the slanty picture.  Photographing with a wiggly infant!)


Vignobles Lacheteau Vouvray
This French wine is so delicious.  I have never been a big white drinker, but this one has lots of flavor without being sweet.  This with a bowl of popcorn is a perfect dinner in my book.  And $9!  You could definitely bring this to a party and people would think you spent more.

Happy Winesday Wednesday!  Do you have a go to wine from Trader Joe’s?  Or not from Trader Joe’s?

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